“I can hardly carry you and I cannot live your reality.

I can neither carry you nor live your reality.”

Concept Description

“The mystery of fathers’ lives is in their own existence. There are things – even the most abstract or spiritual ones – that you can only live through the body. When they are lived through another body they are no longer the same.

What has been lived by our fathers’ body cannot be lived by ours. We try to reconstruct, to imagine and to interpret it: we write its history. We are very much keen on history (more than on any other science) because what is really important in it keeps on slipping away inevitably.

So we can’t physically live kids’ problems, our body is different than theirs and the reality lived through their bodies is denied to us. We reconstruct, imagine and interpret it, but we don’t live it.”

“Petrolio”, Pier Paolo Pasolini

The aim of this project is to make visual this concept of Pasolini by focalising on the experiences of the bodies.


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Bios of Team Members

La Banda Umana is an art team created by Murat Önol. The aim is to form different teams to realize art projects with the collaboration of artists and non-artists.

For this project La Banda Umana are:

Elena Gensini – The young girl in the video:

Born in Florence, Italy in 1999. 

Bernardo Stefani – Cameraman:

Born in Florence, Italy in 1999.

Emre Aypar – Video editing and music:

Born in 1972 in Istanbul, Turkey. Works as a visual effects artist since 1997.

Murat Önol – The man in the video:

Born in 1971 in Istanbul, Turkey. Since 2006 he is a professional artist.

Contact info

Murat Önol